Company Name - Assist, Solve, Resolve
INGENUITY ON CALL provides the expertise and resources to fulfill your need for solutions, organization and project management for estate sales and many of the problems you will encounter when:
Your To Do List Is Long...and
Time Is Short!
Ingenuity handles everything from the simple to the complex, from the ordinary to the unusual. INGENUITY ON CALL can also provide research services and personal assistance.
You Want to Downsize!
Ingenuity will produce an estate sale including furniture, fine art and general household items.  When called for, Ingenuity will also sell for you at auction houses, on Ebay, Craigslist and at resale shops. Ingenuity removes all unsold items.
You Need Expert Assistance in a Time of Transition!
Change in living or work place; Birth, Death, Illness or Divorce! Ingenuity's list of resources is long, complete and vetted. Stephanie has a proven capacity to think outside the box, when necessary.
Letting Stephanie Sills problem solve will make all the difference -- saving you time, stress and often money.