Company Name - Assist, Solve, Resolve
 "I have known Stephanie, both professionally and personally, for more than 20 years.  She is a talented persistent problem solver with a highly-honed capacity to take a project from beginning to end.  Yes, I can vouch for her sense of humor!"
Norman Lear, Actiii Communications
       "Stephanie has been a God-send making it possible to sell my Mother's multitude of collectibles, housewares, clothing and jewelry when had to move her into assisted living.  Not only did she make us money, but she even provided some storage so we could make the house ready for sale."
Kathy Koebel, Van Nuys
 "Invaluable on many levels!  Ingenuity On Call coordinated my move and helped decorate my home.  Stephanie sourced everything at wholesale.  She hired and then supervised all installers and handymen.  I would hire her again without reservation."
Roberta Jacobs, Studio City
     "When we sold our Manhattan Beach home we needed help selling a variety of items.  We interviewed several people and chose Stephanie Sills/Ingenuity On Call. She had invaluable skills at pricing items and perfect contacts to sell some of our objects d'art.  We were very pleased with her staff and her professionalism.  Plus they were really fun to work with. 
                                            Andy and Malinda Gilchrist 
"Asking Stephanie to trouble-shoot a problem or organize an event reassures me that I can let go and get the results I'm after"
             Tom Jones, Halo Group, Los Angeles
“I found myself unable to tie up the loose ends of my Father’s estate. There were thousands of dollars in uncollected checks, unfinished stock transfers and foundation issues with the State. In addition, I had medical bill problems with my doctor. Stephanie Sills of INGENUITY ON CALL stepped in and worked magic, taking everything off my shoulders and solving every problem.  I feel fortunate knowing she is there.”            
        Martha White, Cheviot Hills